General Organization (G.O.)

    Advisor:  Ms. A. Montana and Mr. M. Sommer
    President: Ashleigh Murray
    Vice President: James Keenan
    Secretary: Muhtasim Tawhid
    Treasurer: Alexis Viola
    Historian: Sarah Murphy
    Executive Assistant: Vacant


    Preamble:  The purpose of this organization shall be to play an integral part in the student life at Newfield High School.  It charters all clubs, raises money, helps make up school rules, hears the complaints of all of the students, and runs all elections.  The G.O. promotes the welfare of the school, and at the same time, teaches the mechanics of the democratic process.


    Meeting Times:  Once a month (1st Wednesday of month) to discuss upcoming activities for G.O. and all other class/club activities.


    What We Do All Year:


    9th Grade Orientation (Aug) Holiday Hallways (Dec)
    School and I.D. Photos (Sept) Senior Citizens Dinner (March)
    Back to School Night (Sept) Staff Appreciation Week (May)
    Homecoming (Oct) Academic Awards (May/Sophomores)
    Parent/Teacher Conferences (Oct) Student Elections (May)
    Trick-or-Treat Street (Oct) PTSA Meetings
    Blood Drives (Nov & Apr) Bulletin Board/Showcase (Cafe A)
    Food Drive (Nov) Vending Machines
    Toy Drive (Dec)