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Can my child come to school today?

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  • Can my child come to school today?

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  •  Hello UPK Families,

    UPK hours for the 2020-21 school year will be:


    Full Day Sessions 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM


    AM session will run from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM


    PM session will run from 11:30 AM-2:00 PM


    For hours at the Learning Experience, Kidtastic Kids, Head Start, and Alternatives for Children, please contact the provider directly.


    Group 1 students attend In-Person Monday and Tuesday and log in remotely Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Group 2 students attend In-Person Thursday and Friday and log in remotely Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


    UPK provides two learning kits.  One for home use during virtual learning days and one for in school so those supplies are not shared.  The teachers will send items home from time to time as well.  You will not need to buy any school supplies, unless you wish to.  For in-person instructional days however, please be sure you do supply your child with a full size backpack to transport items to and from school, a lunch box/bag if your child will be bringing food to school, a complete change of clothes (in a sealable bag with his/her name on it), a face covering to wear, and a spare one for a change.


    Our virtual orientation is posted on our website.  You can always email us with questions UPK@mccsd.net


    Information you will need about your child's educational experience will be found by accessing the parent portal, the district website, and our UPK pages. Please check these pages frequently for updates!

    Google Classroom Demonstration

    Using Google Classroom on an iPad

    How to View the Legend on PowerSchool Portal 

    Wearing a Mask Story


    We are committed to making sure your child has a wonderful UPK experience.  We appreciate your cooperation during these changing times.


    Thank you,

    Denise Ferrera

    UPK Coordinator

    Middle Country Central School District

    11 Unity Drive

    Centereach, NY 11720




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Hybrid Students: Return school 5 days per week.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten Virtual Orientation 2020-2021

Welcome to UPK

  • Dear In-Coming Universal Pre-Kindergarten Families,


    Welcome to UPK! 


    In an effort to maintain paperless communication, we will be utilizing the district website www.mccsd.net , our Universal Pre-K School Page Universal Pre-K School and the Parent Portal to communicate important messages to all of our UPK families throughout the school year.


    Please be sure to check to the website frequently for updates and information on orientation and school updates.


    You will receive one other mailing regarding your login directions and information for the Parent Portal in August.  This is where you will find your child’s classroom assignment for the school year.


    Also, please email us at UPK@mccsd.net with your child’s full name, so we can add you to our direct mailing list.  We can send you information directly to your inbox if you provide a valid email address.





    Denise Ferrera

    UPK Associate

    Middle Country Central School District

    11 Unity Drive

    Centereach, NY 11720



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Distance Learning Update

  • The Hybrid Model for UPK


    How will the hybrid virtual learning look in pre-k?


    Pre-K Virtual Learning will look a little different than it does in the older grades. During your preschooler’s virtual days, the teacher will check in with your child at some point(s) during the school day. Your child’s teacher will discuss how your check in will occur. Your child will have activities to do at home that are supported by the days your child is in school for in-person instruction. Activities will be easy to do and fun. There is no penalty if your child does not complete the activities sent home. There is no penalty if you cannot check in at a specific time. We know parents are working and may have older students at home who need support. We are working to ensure the activities are fun and easy.


    On the days your child is in class, the teacher will work on the skills they will need to complete the activities that are sent home.


    Do you need supplies at home?


    UPK will provide an at home learning kit for your child with the supplies he/she will need. Students will also have an in-school supply kit provided by UPK. The teacher will send supplies and materials home with your child as well during the course of the hybrid instructional model. If you need additional supplies, you will contact your teacher.


    Your child will need a full-size backpack and a lunch box. He/She will also need a complete change of clothes and a face covering (mask).


    Will children get mask breaks?


    Yes! Children will have multiple mask breaks throughout the day. They will not wear masks during meals, outside, or at rest time. Additional mask breaks will be given throughout the time in school as the children need them. We suggest you send in two masks. Just like having a set of extra clothes in case of an accident, an extra mask will be just as important. We recommend you send a clean mask in a ziploc bag and the dirty mask will be sent home in the bag.


    What if my child won’t wear a mask?


    We ask you to practice mask wearing at home with your child. Do not ask your child IF he/she wants to wear a mask. You would not ask them if they want to wear a seat belt? We need to explain to children it is for their safety. Children do understand routines and consistency. They will begin to understand it is important and they will be able to do it.

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