Vincent Raicovi, Ed.D. - Director of Technology, Business & Information Systems

Vincent Raicovi I have been fortunate in my diverse career to embrace the passions that I have, in both technology and education.  From the time I entered the work force as a computer technician, I learned that technology touches every corner of our lives.  I soon found myself looking for practical applications in technology that can make us more all efficient in the execution of our duties.  In recent years, I've had the good fortune of applying my career to the education of our children.

In addition to various technical certifications that I hold, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Information Technology, a Master's Degree in Professional Studies, with a concentration in Human Resource Management, an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, and a Professional Diploma in Administration, all from Stony Brook University.  I recently completed a doctorate in Education, focusing on educational administration, leadership, and technology from Dowling College.  I began my administrative career as a District Technology Coordinator, prior to joining the Middle Country School District.

As the Director of Technology, Business and Information Systems for the Middle Country School District, I look forward to working with fellow staff members in supporting the district's mission - empowering and inspiring all students to achieve and contribute responsibly in a diverse and dynamic world.  At no time in our history has technology progressed as quickly as it is now.  Because of this, it's more important now than at any other time in our history, that our children are sent into the world with a solid foundation in technology, and the knowledge of how they can leverage it in their everyday lives to better themselves and the world.