Adele Cullen – Coordinator of PPS/Special Education Secondary

  • Adele Cullen Adele Cullen has been working in the capacity of school psychologist at Newfield High School for the past six years.  She attained her Master of Science School Psychology degree from St. John’s University.  Ms. Cullen enjoyed that position, but had a growing desire to become an administrator with the goal of positively effecting a greater number of students.  She earned her Master of Science School District/School Building degree from Touro College. 

    Ms. Cullen is looking forward to being a part of Middle Country’s administrative team.  She believes that every child has the ability to learn and to achieve.  With her background as school psychologist, she has a keen understanding of a student’s strengths and needs, academically and social-emotionally.  At Middle Country, we are proud to offer a variety of programs and services to help our students succeed.  Ms. Cullen is excited and motivated to work with all stakeholders to effectively and compassionately fulfill her responsibilities as Coordinator of Pupil Personnel Services/Special Education for the secondary schools.