Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How do I make an appointment with my child's school counselor?                                    


    A: Call the guidance office and make an appointment with one of our wonderful secretaries!

    Dawnwood Middle School Guidance Office: 631-285-8210

    Selden Middle School Guidance Office: 631-285-8410

    Newfield High School Guidance Office: 631-285-8330

    Centereach High School: North Suite ~ 631-285-8180

                                      West Suite ~ 631-285-8160

                                       East Suite ~ 631-285-8140


    Q: How do students make appointments with his/her school counselor?

    A: If there is an emergency situation, the student should make either the secretary or counselor know this, so that he/she will be seen immediately.

    If the student needs to see a counselor for other reasons, he/she can make an appointment with the secretary for the next available appointment time.


    Q: How do I get working papers?

    A: Visit the Attendance Office (at CHS) or the guidance office (at NHS) for the paperwork; or as always, just ask your school counselor! 

    Q: How do I sign up for the SAT or ACT?

    A: The best way to register for either test is by going directly to their websites: and You can also receive information about practice tests and prep opportunities on these websites as well!


    Q: How does the college I am applying to receive my transcripts, recommendation letters and SAT/ACT scores?

    A: The most important thing to remember during the application process is to SEE YOUR COUNSELOR! We can send your official high school transcript, activity sheet, and letters of recommendation to all of the colleges you apply to. You are responsible for sending your SAT/ACT scores to each college - this can be done by visiting and And remember...SEE YOUR COUNSELOR! We are here to help!


    How can my son/daughter receive SAT or ACT prep?

    A: They can sign onto Collegeboard's daily email for the "SAT Question of the Day;" after taking the PSAT, they have access to "My CollegeQuickstart" through the Collegeboard website and can get their own "SAT Study Plan" and SAT Prep; he/she can call the Middle Country Public Library for prep course information; the Middle Country School District also offers SAT and ACT prep courses through Adult Education. View the link under "Testing" for more information!


    Q: What if my child wants to drop a class?

    A: Please refer to the Course Offering Booklet to view Middle Country's Schedule Changes/Dropping a Course policy.

    Our best advice is to take adequate time to review the course offering book during scheduling and make sure that your child's course choices are appropriate!


    As always, please feel free to directly ask your school counselor any questions - we're happy to help in any way we can!