Community Service

  • What is Community Service?


    Community service is defined as activities that are non-curriculum-based and are recognized by and/or arranged through the school or by a student. It is voluntary; generally does not include learning objectives; and may include activities that take place off of school grounds.

    Community service activities may be carried out as school-wide events, separately organized school programs, or projects conducted by school-sponsored clubs (e.g., Student Activities, National Honor Society). Examples of community service activities could include cleaning up a local park, visiting the elderly, or collecting and distributing food to those in need.

     Why Volunteer?

    *You can learn a lot about life, possible careers and your own strengths and weaknesses
    *Volunteering is a great resume-builder: many merit based scholarships require community service as part of the application.

    *Volunteer work is also a great way to make a difference in the community. When you contribute to your community, you show people you are a kind & caring person. Your volunteer experiences can be used to explore your major or career interests.

    *According to the College Board, "Colleges pay attention to your life inside and outside the classroom. Your extracurricular activities reveal a great deal about you, such as what your interests are, whether you can manage your priorities and maintain a long-term commitment, what diversity you would bring to the student body, and how you've made a meaningful contribution to something. Keep in mind, colleges are not interested in a lengthy list. It's more meaningful to colleges to see your dedication to one or two causes or activities than to see that you've spread yourself thin."

    See your school counselor with any questions!



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