• Middle Country Central School District Art Show is on
    Saturday, May 2,2020, 10-3pm


    2018 MCCSD Art Show Best In Show Collection

                       Click here for the 2018 MCCSD Art Show Best In Show Collection




    Through the years:  District Art Exhibit On-line Student Gallery of Selected Works

    Elementary Schools

        Andrew Tarazona, Holbrook Road      Olivia Oakley, Oxhead Road


       Sophia Traube, New Lane                 Persephonie Zengel, Hawkins Path





       Kassie Jurlando, Eugene Auer         Jonathan Polochak, Eugene Auer



       Jack Cavalieri, Holbrook Road          Thomas Schoch, Hawkins Path



      Rachel Elberfeld, North Coleman Road     Luciano Cunha, Stagecoach



       Leann Huynh, North Coleman           Alyssa Scraper, Stagecoach


       Anthony Huang, Oxhead Road         Tasmin Tanha, Jericho



       Emily Esposito, Jericho                    Maxine Shideler, New Lane


       Arabel Rodriguez, New Lane             Sarah Gephardt, Jericho


    Middle Schools

        Savannah Bond, Selden MS             Haley Ferrara, Dawnwood MS 



        Zaire Hoe, Selden MS                              Elmer DeLeon, Dawnwood MS


    Malika Desire, Selden MS


      Bryanna Ghabrial, Selden MS            Josephine Shea, Dawnwood MS


     Jessica Keiser, Dawnwood MS         Leah Walker, Selden MS



     Peter Jean, Selden MS                     Elizabeth Diaferia, Dawnwood MS


    Angela Huang, Dawnwood MS



    High Schools

        Amanda Chiarelli, Newfield HS        Bryan Melgar Lara, Centereach HS





      Leila D, Newfield HS                       Carolina Robayo, Newfield HS



     Krista Ruggiero, Newfield HS           Julia Lofaro, Newfield HS




         Dana Cavalieri, Centereach HS        Brannon Carberry, Centereach HS



       Angelise Farina, Centereach HS        Sophia Santella, Centereach HS



    Regina Rennie, Centereach HS   Alexa White, Centereach HS



           Erica Medina, Centereach HS        Ricardo Taveras, Newfield HS


      Daisy Granados, Newfield HS           Kimberly Maldonado, Newfield HS


    High School Junior Boards


    Eric Rodrigues, Centereach


    Jessica Murawski, Centereach HS, Junior Board



    Angela Ciaravino, Newfield Junior Board



    Rebecca Davan, Newfield Junior Board