Digital Pictures

  • Digital pictures are the biggest “space hogs”. Due to the high-resolution available on cameras today, a few pictures can use up your entire space allotment! The highest resolution is only needed if you intend to print out a poster size image of a particular picture. For 99% of the pictures used, there is no reason to keep a file that large. By simply resizing the pictures, you can use far less network and/or hard drive space. The pictures will be easier to use in a document, upload to a website, or attach in an email message.  

    On most of the computers in the district, the Resize Pictures option already installed. This program allows you to resize large groups are pictures at the same time. If the resize picture option is not available on your computer, please click on and run "Image Resizer Installation" and then continue instructions below.


    Instructions to Resize Pictures

    1. Open the folder that contains the pictures you want to resize.
    2. In Thumbnail or Icon view, right-click any picture you want to resize, and then click Resize Pictures.
      To resize a sequence of photos at once, click the first photo, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last photo in the sequence.
       To resize non-sequential photos, click the first photo, and then hold down the CTRL key while you click the other pictures you want to resize.


    3. In the Resize Pictures dialog box, click the size you want your photo to be. Typically, Small is a good size selection for using in documents, emailing, or posting them to a website.  

    4. Then click the Advanced tab and choose the following options:  

    Make pictures smaller but not larger. This option constrains resizing to only sizes smaller than the original photo.

    Resize the original pictures (don't create copies). This option permanently applies resizing to your original photo.

    5.    Then click OK.