Steps to take if your email account was compromised

  • There has been a rash of phishing emails getting passed around the district lately. A phishing email is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from a reputable person or company in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. This is not a virus, it is a user issue. When the user clicks on the links in these emails, they are brought to a page asking them to log in with their email address and password. Once the user enters their email address and password, their account has been compromised.

    Signs your account has been compromised: 

    • You received an email from saying your account has be blocked from sending email by Office 365 and directing you to this webpage to fix it. 
    • You cannot send or receive email from any email address other then those with an address.
    • You receive emails or calls from your email contacts telling you they received an email from you that you did not send.

    Please make sure to follow the Steps below COMPLETELY or your account may end up getting blocked again.

    1. Reset your password to a new password that you haven't used before. By resetting your password, you secure your account, and kill any active sessions using your account.

    Change Password Instructions - To access the Middle Country Self-Service Password Reset Portal click on the logo or link below, then choose the ‘Change Password’ option on the screen, and  enter your network/email username and current password.  The new password MUST be at least six characters long, include at least one uppercase + one lowercase + one number, and cannot include your name or initials.  

    Password Reset    

    Middle Country Self-Service Password Reset Portal  

    Staff members are also encourage to ‘Enroll’ in the Self-Service password reset portal at this time, as this will give them the option to reset their password if they have forgotten it in the future. 

    Please note that once your new password is confirmed, it will automatically sync and be applied to your Office 365 email account, your Network (Windows) account, and your Google G Suite account.

    2.   Remove mailbox delegates – Check your root folder (folder with your name on it) and inbox folder to make sure other users have not been given access to your mails or calendar.

    • Right Click on your inbox > Click on Permissions
    • Right Click on your mailbox’s root folder (folder with your name on it) > Click on Permissions
      * No other names besides Default and Anonymous should be there unless you added them yourself
                       Permission 2

    3.       Remove Inbox and Sweep rules, & Mail forwarding rules –

    •  Sign into your email. Click on the ‘Gear’ in the top right corner> Then click on ‘View all Outlook Settings’

             gear and view

    • Click on Mail, then check Rules, Sweep, Forwarding, and Automatic replies settings – Delete anything setup that you did not add yourself and then  'Save' your changes.


    4. Once you have completed the steps above, please reply back to the email from , and we will re-activate your account for outgoing mail if it was disabled.