WiFi Setup for Personal Devices

  • The District is currently providing access to the WiFi infrastructure for staff members.
    The links below provide guidance for connecting your personal device to the District WiFi Network.
    The most important step in the process for all devices is inputting your network ID in the proper format.  When prompted to sign into the system, use your District network/email ID in the following format: mccsd\first initial+Last Name
    For example if your name is John Smith you would use:
    Username:  mccsd\jsmith
    Password:  YourEmailPassword
    *Also note that the slash between mccsd and your username is a backslash, not a forward slash.  On most mobile devices, you can access the backslash through one of the alternate keyboards, or by holding down on the forward slash and selecting the backslash. 
    **As a reminder, if you have connected your personal device (cell phone) to MCCSD-Personal Wi-Fi, you will need to re-establish the connection using your new password. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device, "Forget" the connection to MCCSD-Personal , and then re-connect using your new password. Failure to do this will result in your device continually trying to connect to
    Wi-Fi, resulting in your account getting locked out.  

WiFi for Guests to the District

  • Guest access to the MCCSD-Guest network can be requested for users that are guests to the district and not eligible for an @mccsd.net account.  This request must come from a district administrator or their clerical support staff.

    Please make requests to Dawn Escalera and include the guest user's:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Company Representing
    • Duration of time they will need access

    Note: This access is only intended for users providing a service to the Middle Country Central School District.  It is not intended for parents/guardians/students/community members.

WiFi File Library

  • Aruba’s Position on Health Concerns associated with Radio Frequency Exposure from WiFi

    Sporadic concerns have been expressed in the media about radio signals from WiFi devices commonly found in laptops and access points and their potential effect on human health. We have found no scientific data to indicate that there is any health risk associated with our wireless networking products when used as recommended.

    Through this document, Aruba aims to provide customers with information to help make informed choices about WiFi technologies and products they intend to use.

    * The Middle Country Central School Disitrict utilizes Aruba wireless networking equipment district wide.

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  • WLAN and Health Concerns by WiFi Alliance & MMF

    We have all read or heard about the concerns raised from time to time about the safety of radio waves. Not surprisingly, some have also wondered about the safe use of wireless networking equipment (WLAN). The wireless industry takes any such concern from the general public seriously. Although questions have been raised there is no scientific evidence that these low power wireless communications devices pose any health threat to the user or the general public. This brochure has been designed to answer questions you may have about the health and safety aspects of WLAN.

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