Android WiFi Setup Instructions

  • Remove Previous Settings
    (This is only necessary if you were connect to MCCSD-Personal proir to 3/15/17)

    • Goto wifi Setting
    • Press and hold MCCSD-Personal
      • Choose Forget

    Setup Instructions

    • Goto WiFI settings
    • Select MCCSD-Personal, then the following settings:
      • EAP Method - PEAP
      • CA Certificate - Do not validate
      • Identity -  MCCSD\username
        (Your username is your District network/email ID which is normally your first initial+Last Name)
        Please make sure you are using the backslash \ if you use the forward slash it will not work correctly.On most mobile devices, you can access the back slash through one of the alternate keyboards.
      • Password - password
        (Your network/email password)
      • Connect