iOS WiFi Setup Instructions ( iPad, iPhone, iPod )

  • Remove Previous Settings
    (This is only necessary if you were connect to MCCSD-Personal proir to 3/15/17)

    • Open Settings>WiFi> MCCSD-Personal> Disconnect
      • MCCSD-Personal will now be listed under 'Choose a Network'
      • Choose MCCSD-Personal and then choose 'Forget'
    • Open Settings>General>Profiles> Delete all MCCSD Related Profiles

    Setup Instructions

    • Open Settings>WiFi
    • Under 'Choose a Network'
      • Choose MCCSD-Personal
      • 'Enter Password' Screen will pop-up
        • Login using your District network ID/email ID prefaced with mccsd\, and your network/email password.
          (Your username is your District network/email ID which is normally your first initial+Last Name).
          *Please make sure you are using the backslash \ if you use the forward slash it will not work correctly.  To access the back slash, hold down forward slash key, the option for the backslash will then pop-up so you can select it.
          • For example if your name is John Smith you would use:
            Username:  mccsd\jsmith
            Password:  YourEmailPassword
      • Choose Join
      • 'Certificate' Screen will pop-up
      • Choose  Trust
      • You should now be connected to MCCSD-Personal