District Communication Portals

  • If this is your first visit to our Communication Portals page and you have not yet set up either a Parent-Staff or Community Communication Portal account, we recommend that you please read the information below before continuing.
    If you have already created a portal account, connect to the appropriate portal by clicking a logo below:  
    If you have information in the portal that is old or incorrect and it is locked where you cannot change it, please contact your child's building to update this information.

    District Communication Portals Information

    What are the Blackboard Connect Parent-Staff and Community Communication Portals?
    Blackboard Connect (formerly ConnectEd) is Middle Country’s system for communicating with families, parents, guardians, staff members, and the community through automated phone calls, text messages and email.  The Blackboard Connect Communication Portals will allow you to sign up to receive important notifications, general outreach messages, and other useful information via additional contact points (phone numbers, mobile numbers, and email addresses).  The Blackboard Connect Communication Portals allows you to control how the District contacts you.
    There are two portals available from the District, the Parent-Staff Portal and the Community Portal:

    1. Parent-Staff Communications Portal - The Parent-Staff Communications Portal is for parents and guardians of students in the District, as well as District employees.

    How to I Sign Up for the Blackboard Connect Parent-Staff Communications Portal?
    Please review the "Blackboard Connect Parent-Staff Portal Walkthrough" PDF attached below before signing up for the Parent-Staff Portal. This will allow you to:

    • Create a portal account,
    • associate it with either your child(ren)'s student ID number(s) or your staff ID number,
    • add additional contact methods (phone, text, email), and
    • choose your contact preferences.

    There are two important notes with regard to the Blackboard Connect Parent-Staff Portal:

    1. You will be creating a new account - this system is separate from any other account you may use to access District resources and if you're a District employee, your District credentials will not work.
    2. Although you are able to add additional contact points in the Blackboard Connect Portal, please remember that primary contact information cannot be modified by you.  It must be updated by school staff.  It is very important that parents and guardians regularly update your child’s school with updated contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.  Staff members should contact the Personnel Office.

    Click the logo or the link below to sign up for the Parent-Staff Portal:

    2. Community Communications Portal - The Community Communications Portal is for community members that do not have students in the District and are not employees of the District.  Signing up for an account on the Community Communications Portal will allow you to receive emergency and outreach calls from the District.  Initially, you will only be able to receive District-wide messages.  In the coming weeks, you will have the ability to select call topics a la carte, i.e. Drama, Music, Athletics, etc...

    How to I Sign Up for the Blackboard Connect Community Communications Portal
    Please review the "Blackboard Connect Community Portal Walkthrough" PDF attached below before signing up for the Parent-Staff Portal.

    Click the logo or the link below to sign up for the Community Portal:

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