Awards & Scholarships

  • SEPTA Scholarships
          This year, the Special Education PTA will once again offer 
    four (4) $500.00 Achievement Awards,
     to 4 seniors who receive or have received special instruction. 

    Two scholarships will be awarded to Centereach High School students 
    and 2 will be awarded to Newfield High School students.

     This scholarship is given to students seeking post-secondary
    and/or vocational training. 
    The student must display good citizenship and a positive academic attitude.

    The "Making A Difference" scholarship
    was introduced for the 2016-2017 school year.
    The goal of this new scholarship was to enthuse our typical students who planned on continuing their education in the medical field,
    consider the field of neurology.
    Two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded for this scholarship.  One winner from Centereach H.S. 
    and 1 from Newfield H.S.
    Students who wish to apply for either scholarship can obtain information 
    from their Guidance Counselor.

    **Look for the submission deadlines in the scholarship booklet**

    Jenkins / Honorary PTA Award
    The Jenkins/Honorary Life Award is given to recognize individuals for their contributions 
    to the welfare of children and youth.  
    SEPTA looks to recognize an individual who contributes to the special education community in any way.  
    Although the individual does not need to be a member of PTA, we look for and appreciate their support.  
    They need not be well-known beyond their own area of service.  
    We accept nominations from Middle Country CSD faculty and parents 
    and will consider each nomination 
    based on the nominee's contributions as they are presented to us on the application.  
    Only 1 Jenkins/Honorary Award will be given per year.
            **Submission deadline for this award is at our monthly meeting in May**

    5th Grade Awards
    This award is presented to students in each elementary school who
    receive special instruction and have demonstrated
     significant improvement throughout the school year.  
    Teachers at each elementary school nominate students. 
    We do not place a limit on the number of 5th Grade Awards given 
    as we feel every student that shows improvement, 
    deserves to be rewarded for their hard work. 
    For the 2016 - 2017 school year, we received an outstanding 26
    nominations.  We granted all 26 awards
    throughout the 8 elementary schools.

    Extended Summer School Program
    During the months of July and August, many of our special education students 
    attend a summer program so they can maintain the instruction 
    they received throughout the previous school year.  
    SEPTA sponsors a bowling program which allows
    these students to enjoy bowling on 4 Fridays during this 6 week program. 
    The program also invites general education District students 
    from both our middle and high schools 
    in order to help our special education students develop socialization skills.
    On the last Friday of bowling, EVERY student is awarded a bowling medal and each 
    general education student receives a participation certificate as well as
     community service hours.

    Peer Buddies & Best Buddies Programs
    In these programs, peers are paired with students with disabilities 
    during various activities to serve as "buddies" and are 
    there to provide support and just be a friend.  
    The benefits of Peer & Best Buddy Programs extend to all students involved. 
    They foster a sense of accomplishment for both parties while developing 
    and building friendships and promoting the development of social skills which ultimately 
    lead to positive academic outcomes.
    At the end of the school year, SEPTA awards each student a
    Certificate of Accomplishment
    to recognize their efforts in helping to make another student's learning experience
    a positive one.