• First Step

    When running the DVD for the first time, click on where it says, ‘ CLICK HERE ‘ when you get to the page below



    That will open the PDF shown below. Next click on the link within the PDF  (example highlighted below)



    That brings up the Adobe Global Security Setting Panel:  

    • Click on Always allow
    • Then under Edit locations>Add location
    • Browse for folder
    • Click on DVD Drive (D:)

     WTW3      WTW4      WTW5             


    The settings should look like this when done correctly:



    Close the window and you are ready to run the Interactive sorts.



    Next - Check which browser is set as default

    Teachers have the ability to change their default browser which many have set to Chrome because most of our webapps require Chrome as the default browser – one being Envision.  The flash player built into Chrome does not work with this DVD so..... 

    1. If Chrome is the default browser to use the interactive sort, they will need to copy the URL that comes up in the address bar, open IE, and paste that URL on the IE browser address.
    2. If Internet Explorer happens to still be their default browser (which will not be case for most) the sorts will open up and work.