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  • Please share any suggestions or comments regarding the SEPTA website. 

    We also welcome any information that can be placed on the website.

    We cannot advertise,

    therefore any recommendations that specify a merchant or establishment cannot be placed on the website but the activity will be noted on our "Activities" tab

    (ex...under B for bowling, or under T for tutoring, etc.).

    If anyone is interested, they can request the details directly from

    a SEPTA committee member through e-mail or at one of our monthly SEPTA meetings. 

    You can e-mail your information to or send it interoffice to

    Melba Pabon / Personnel at DAO. 

    Your name and contact information are optional

    and will be kept confidential if requested

    but we would appreciate being able to speak with you

    if we were to have a question regarding your suggestion/comment. 

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