2019 ~ 2020 PTA/PTSA Council Board

    • President ~ Theresa Bloom (2019-2020 1st year in this position / VP prior 2 yrs)
    • Vice President ~ Leah Fitzpatrick (2019-2020 1st year in this position / Treasurer prior 2 yrs)
    • Treasurer ~ Joanne Morelli (2019-2020 1st year in this position / Corr Sec prior 2 yrs)
    • Recording Secretary ~ Don Miller (2019-2020 2nd year in this position / not on Board prior )
    • Correspondence Secretary ~ Jen Garry (2019-2020 1st year in this position / not on Council Board prior)


    The Nominating Committee met on 5-7-2020. 

    The following is the proposed slate for 2020-2021 based on nominations

     As President ~ Don Miller

    As Vice President ~ Lynn McMillin

    As Treasurer ~ Melba Pabon

    As Recording Secretary ~ Jen Garry

    As Correspondence Secretary ~ Leah Fitzpatrick

    Past President ~ Theresa Bloom


    Final nominations will be taken from the floor at the next Council Meeting, June 9th, 2020.

    If you intend to make a nomination, you must advise Council at least 2 days prior to June's meeting.

    Please send the name, position & qualifications of the nominee to mpabon@mccsd.net.

    If there are no additional nominations, we will close nominations at June's meeting

    and swear in the 2020-2021 Council Board.


    You can use the attached nomination form if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else.

    Council Nomination Form 2020-2021