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    • Good afternoon Middle Country Staff. I hope this message finds you and your families healthy. 

      A couple of updates for you:

      Tuesday evening, we were informed that the Department of Health will no longer notify us of confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Middle Country does have staff – and residents, who have tested positive, just like every district and community.  We have been told by 5 colleagues that they tested positive but are feeling much better; if these colleagues worked in your building, your principal will be in touch with you to let you know.  The DOH believes that, because schools were closed and because, when or if these colleagues were in contact with co-workers, they were asymptomatic, there is not a great risk. However, no matter what – please pay attention to your health, practice social distancing and wash your hands often!

      We are awaiting Governor Cuomo’s decision on whether schools will be open on April 1 or if the closure will be extended for another two weeks.  We are being proactive in planning for instruction of new content.  Within a few days,  instructional staff will be provided with the plan to utilize Google Suite and/or eBoards to facilitate distance learning.  Of course, there will be support provided to ensure success in the implementation of the plan.  Instructional staff, as a reminder,  you are expected to check your e-mails at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  These school closure days are being counted as part of the 180 school day requirement which means you are to stay connected to school and to your students.

      Be well, and hope to see everyone soon! (3/26/20)

    • This is Middle Country Schools thanking all staff who came in today, including all those who helped create the curriculum resources that will keep our students connected to school.  These are stressful times, especially for our students and their families, so what was done today is so very important as it reminds our students that we care. 

      Going forward, please make sure to check your e-mail each day, at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon, in case information is posted about the re-opening of school or if we have to plan for an even more extended closure.  Right now, we are planning for an April 1st re-opening, but that could change. 

      In addition, we are limiting access to our school building to help ensure security.  If you need access to your school, please contact your building administration for approval. 

      Stay well, take care of yourselves and your families – and hope to see you soon. (3/18/20)

    • This is a reminder that all staff, except for teaching assistants, aides and monitors, are to report to their home schools for a Superintendent’s Conference Day, scheduled for 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Wednesday, 3/18. Instructional staff may work individually or in very small groups to create several weeks’ worth of curriculum packets. Individuals working by themselves and the very small groups will be in separate classrooms or areas to ensure the ability to practice socially distancing and to limit the size of any gathering. The schools have been cleaned deeply and will be cleaned again once the day is over.   This is essential work, which is why the day has been scheduled.  Our students need all of us to work together, cooperatively and efficiently, so that, when we are able to open, we can quickly get back to teaching for learning. (3/17/2020)

    • This Wednesday, March 18th, all staff (except for Teaching assistants, aides, and monitors) shall report to their regular buildings for a Superintendent’s Conference Day – scheduled for 8am-2pm. (3/16/2020)

    • Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has issued an emergency order that closes schools for the next two weeks - this goes for both students and staff. The emergency order permits staff to be called in for particular duties, which we will be defining tomorrow. For all staff this means do not report to work tomorrow, March 16th, but please be ready to assist in ensuring that our students stay connected to us. (3/15/2020)