Dear Second Grade Parents and Students,

    Welcome to a very different second grade year!

    This year second graders will have to bring everything; supplies, Chromebooks, lunch boxes, jackets, etc., back and forth every day they are in school. Please keep this in mind when choosing backpacks, supply boxes, and lunch boxes. You may choose to use 1 big supply box or 2 smaller supply boxes. If you choose 2 smaller supply boxes, please put the markers in one box, and all other supplies in the other. Everything needs to be labeled with your child’s name. This includes backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, pencils, markers, crayon boxes, and glue sticks. Please note we won’t be able to share any school supplies this year due to the new state guidelines, so it is very important your child comes prepared with their personal school supplies.

    The following supply list is for the beginning of the year.

    *supply box or 2 that will fit all supplies

    *a box of 24 crayons

    *glue stick


    *5 sharpened pencils

    *personal pencil sharpener


    *eraser tops

    *3 sturdy folders, one labeled Home-School Folder

    **headphones/earbuds to use with Chromebooks

    Please check supplies often, to make sure the sharpened pencils with erasers and a glue stick are always in there.

    Suggestions~ A personal pack of tissues, small personal hand sanitizer and or wipes might be a good idea to keep inside backpacks. If we are able to get “Back to Normal” later in the year, a new supply list will be sent home. With this in mind you may want to take advantage of the “Back to School Sale” prices and buy some extra crayons, folders, markers, pencils, glue sticks, eraser tops and post-its.

    We are looking forward to getting back into our classrooms and seeing all your smiley faces!


    See you soon. -Mrs. Boss, Mrs. Diviney and Mrs. McBride