SAVVAS (Pearson) Login Procedure

SAVVAS EasyBridge
  • Due to the many issues we have had with Savvas (formerly Pearson) in the last month, we have switched our rostering/log in method.  From now on, teachers will access the products directly through Google Drive.  Pearson products are no longer accessible for students or teachers through PowerSchool.

    To find the products in Google Drive, teachers should click on the "waffle."  If they scroll down on that menu, they will see a tile for "Savvas."  From that screen, they will click on Savvas Realize to access their accounts and products.  Some products may have been removed during the transition, and they will need to be readded by the teacher.  Here is a brief video that details how to access their accounts, add a product, and link a Google Classroom (this is now a required step):