How to copy content from your @MCCSD Google account to another Google account

  • Please note that your Google drive does not have a limit to the amount of files it will hold.  Most free cloud accounts that you are transferring your data to will max out at around 15 GB.  You many need to buy extra storage to transfer all of your files or you delete files from your  school drive.


    Please follow the instructions and know the process will take time to process.  According to the directions “The copy process usually happens within a few hours, but it can take up to a week.”

How to download your Google data to your computer

  • Instructions 

    You can export and download your data from the Google products you use, like your email, calendar, and photos. In a few easy steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service.

How to take a copy of your work saved on your school computer

  • There are many ways that you can take work off of your school computer

    1. Use a thumb drive
    2. Upload your files to a cloud service  Google Drive    MS OneDrive
    3. Many of you already have your College computer account.  Most likely this is an account with unlimited storage (or very large)

    Graduating Class of 2023 seniors will have access to your MCCSD computer accounts until the end of the 2023 summer.