2022 Summer School Options

  • *** Students and parents interested in these Credit-Recovery options should contact their Guidance Counselor.

    *** Students may not take more than 3 classes in total during Summer School. 

Option 1: In-Person Learning

  • Where:  Centereach High School

    When: July 5th – August 11th (Monday – Thursday)

    Times: Session 1    8:15 am – 9:55 am           Session 2    10:00 am – 11:50 am

    Cost: Free of charge to district residents (Only available to district residents)

    Courses Offered:

    Science Math Social Studies English
    Algebra 1 Global 2 English 11
    Earth Science   US History  

    **  Key points for In-person options:

    • If a student passes a course in summer school, they are exempt from that Regents exam (US History) or eligible for the Special Appeal low score (50-64) on all other Regents Exams
    • Summer School is only available to students that failed or were denied credit in a course(s)
    • If a student misses 3 classes from MCCSD Summer School, they will be dropped from summer school
    • If a student misses 1.5 classes from BOCES @ East Islip, they will be dropped from summer school
    • No transportation provided
    • Students may only take 2 courses via in-person instruction.

    To sign up for Summer School at Centereach, please call your school to speak with a guidance counselor to register.

    Click here for additional information.

Option 2: Remote Learning

  • Middle Country will once again be using Educere courses for credit recovery during the summer.

    When: Orientation is on Monday, June 27, 10am via Google Meet

    Deadline to register is Friday, July 1st.  All work must be completed by Saturday, August 20th

    Cost: Varied, but usually $195 per course

    Educere Orientation via Google Meet – Monday, June 27, 10am - Click here for more information.

    **        Key points for remote learning:

    • Available to all students that failed or were denied credit in a course(s)
    • All Educere courses have a final exam.  An additional Regents Exam may be required for graduation. 
    • All Educere work is self-paced.  Deadline to complete all work and the final is Aug. 20, but students may finish early.  Estimate 2 hours per day to keep pace to finish.

Option 3 – In-person learning at BOCES Regional, East Islip or Bay Shore