Dell Interactive Monitor Information

  • The new Dell Interactive Monitors work fully with Smart Notebook in the classroom.
    SMART Notebook Software Download and Install Instructions for Home Use
    (Classroom and lab updates MUST be done by the Computer Center)

    Our current licensing allows you to download, activate, and use SMART Notebook on your own personal computer. This information is not intended for installation of SMART Notebook onto District computers, those are completed by the Computer Center. 

    SMART Notebook Product Key: 
    Email SMART Product Key requests to An reply email will be sent back to you with license key and installation instruction. Make sure to use your MCCSD District email account. Non-District email accounts will not be given licensing information.

    To Download SMART Notebook for Windows click here: 

  • SMART Notebook On-Line Suite

    SMART has offered their suite of products for free during the pandemic.  Login at this URL with your district Google ID:


  • Google Jamboard

    Google Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard app that works with G Suite services. You can access Jamboard right from the Google Waffle screen, from Google Drive, or directly from . While there doesn’t appear to be a direct path from Notebook files to Jamboard files, it is a great alternative.