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    Ms. Theresa Powell, RN - tpowell@mccsd.net
    Ms. Colleen Cleary, RN - ccleary@mccsd.net
    Telephone: 285-8220/Fax:631-285-8262

     ***If your child is going to be absent, please call the Attendance office at (631)285-8222.




    Winter Sports physicals for winter sports beginning in November and January will be held after school on Tuesday, October 17th. Log into your Rankone account to see when your current physical expires. You must see the nurse for an appointment. A completed/signed Parent School Physical Consent form is required. Forms can be downloaded and printed from the Athletic website or copies are available in the Nurses office. Forms need to be received by the nurse on or before Friday, October 13th. Forms will not be accepted after this date. There will be no walk-in physicals done on October 17th. When possible, forms should be brought directly to the nurse’s office. Otherwise, they can be faxed to 631-285-8262 or emailed to the nurses at ccleary@mccsd.net and tpowell@mccsd.net .


    If your child had COVID their physical may not be in Rankone. Parents need to contact the school nurse to review a checklist before the student can resume sports.


     Student Health
    A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school and is likely to spread the illness to other children and staff.  We suggest making a plan for childcare ahead of time so that you will have a place for your child to stay if he/she is ill.  Please be advised that students who have a fever (100 degrees or higher) are not permitted to attend school until they have been fever free WITHOUT medication (ex.Tylenol) for 24 hours.  Allow for adequate convalescence after any illness, no matter how slight the illness may be. Please do not send your student to school for diagnosis or treatment by the school nurse. Guidelines are even more stringent due to COVID pandemic.

     Emergency Contact Cards
     An updated contact card is required each year.  Please update any changes in phone numbers, guardians or employment information when they occur. You must also contact Central Registration so that your information is updated in the school-wide computer system.

     Immunization Requirements
    Please see the below attachment for the 2022/2023 New York State Immunization Requirements.  Immunizations are required on or before the first day of school. The only exception is the Tdap Vaccine which is due by your child’s 11th birthday.  Students who do not present proof of immunization will be excluded from school after the 14-day grace period. (Our school exclusion date is 14 days from the start of school or 14 days from your student’s 11th birthday).  Menactra is a 7th grade requirement.  The student must receive it after their 10th birthday.

    If your child sustains an injury in or out of school, please notify the Nurse’s office so that we can provide any assistance that your child may need. All medical notes need to be submitted to the nurse’s office.  We will then distribute them to the appropriate staff members.  Your child will not be permitted to resume gym/sports until a full medical clearance note is given to the nurse from the originating doctor.  Partial clearance or “As tolerated” cannot be accepted.  If a student requires crutches please do not send your child in to school until they have had time to practice. Students change classes every 40 minutes and can have their next class across the entire building. They have to be able to safely navigate the building and have the stamina to do so.

     Administration of Medications in School
     In order to administer medication, including Over-the Counter- medicine, to your child during school the below “Administration of Medication” form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and your physician.  The form outlines how the medicine must be provided to the Nurse’s Office. Students who will be carrying emergency medicine (inhaler, epipen, etc.) must have the below Self-carry form completed.

    Mandated years – Pre-K or K, 1,3,5,7,9,11

    At DMS 7th Graders and New Entrants are required to have state mandated physicals. They are required to be submitted 30 days from the start of the school year.

    Beginning 1/31/21 physical examinations for school are to be documented on the NYS Required Health Examination (see below) or an electronic health equivalent form.  No other forms will be accepted.

     Dental Forms
    Dental forms are required the same years as mandated physicals (Pre-K, 1,3,5,7,9,11)

    Sports Physicals
    Any student wishing to participate in 7th and 8th grade sports must have a YEARLY physical that states they are cleared to participate in sports and they must have completed the required forms on the online registration system – Rankonesports.com. Each sport season a new on-line permission slip must be completed.  Physical expiration dates can be checked on the Rankonesport website.  If you wish to have your child seen by the school physician for a sports physical they are scheduled three times a year - prior to each sports season.  A School Physical Consent form must be completed and signed by a parent before your child can be scheduled to see the doctor.  Students who arrive on the day of the physical will not be permitted to obtain a physical. School Physical Consent Forms and the link to the online registration system - Rank One - can be found below and on the Middle Country Website under Athletics.

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