• 1935 - The first Selden School building was opened as a 3 room school for all the elementary school children of Selden. 

    1948 - 4 more rooms were added for students. Other schools followed in the 50's and 60's. 

    July 1, 1957 - The Middle Country Central School District No. 11 was born.

    1958 - 1959 - The Oxhead Road school was built. The planning of this school called for the building of an elementary school that could also serve as a Junior High school for 2 or 3 years.

    September 1959 - The Junior High School moved into the Oxhead Road School in. Mr. Thomas M. Lacina was Assistant Principal serving the Oxhead Road Jr. High School through January 1963."

    September 1966 - Selden Junior High School became the second junior high school in the district.  "The principal, Mr. Thomas M. Lacina (1923-1978), has played a major role in the launching of two other new buildings in the district - Oxhead Road and Dawnwood Junior High School. The Selden building located on the same site of Newfield High School (named after West Field which is now Selden and New Village which is now Centereach), is a unique architectural structure. It has been planned as an instructional media-centered school. Motivating students to independent inquiry and discovery is one of the major objectives of the school."

    (MC Central School District 11 Double Anniversary Brochure, 1967)