District Curriculum Information

    The academic program at the elementary level follows a carefully planned continuum. Instruction and assessments are interrelated across subject areas and defined by high standards, which describe what students should know and be able to do in order to succeed at the next grade level. Language arts, mathematics, science and social studies curricula are fully aligned with New York State standards.

    The core subjects in the elementary program include English language arts (speaking, listening, reading and writing), mathematics, science, and social studies. These core subjects are integrated across all grade levels. Children read and write within all content subject areas using a variety of materials which focus on in-depth understanding as well as mechanics.

    Computers are used as a tool to enhance the instructional program. All kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms are equipped with computers.

    The Planetarium is an integral part of the elementary science curriculum. Lessons are conducted on various grade levels to coincide with specific units dealing with astronomy.

    Each school has the services of a literacy specialist who is a resource to the classroom teacher to assist in and provide service to children in need of raising their skill level as well as those requiring enrichment opportunities. For more information about the elementary program, contact the principal of your child's school.

    The academic program at the middle school level is delivered through a team-teaching approach with the exception of designated courses offered to eligible eighth-graders. Curricula, which include the core area courses of English language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science, along with related arts subjects, such as art and music, are provided for all students.

    In the high schools, classes are organized by level. Student placement is based on skill development, interest and need. Emphasizing rigorous standards and building on student’s previous acquisition of knowledge, staff provides courses in the Regents, honors, or advanced placement categories. As we implement the new State Education Department’s standards, all students will be required to take Regents level courses which are emphasized by subject area. A wide range of electives allows students to explore a variety of subjects, or to concentrate in one area. Offered electives range from languages and science to the arts, business trade, and technology. Specialized courses of study are offered to students in the occupational education program. In order to determine academic standing, students are ranked at the end of their junior year.

    Programs such as extra help, Saturday Regents Review classes and voluntary tutoring are offered at both the middle and high school levels. For more information about the secondary program, contact your child's guidance counselor or the principal of your child's school.

    Progress reports for pupils in grades kindergarten through five are issued three times during the school year. Formal parent teacher conferences are scheduled in the fall for kindergarten and elementary level children.

    High school and middle school progress reports are issued four times a year. High schools and middle schools issue report cards, with letter grades, every ten (10) weeks.

    All parents are encouraged to contact their child’s guidance counselor or teacher to request a conference any time during the year.

    All students participate in the New York State testing program. This program includes the following assessments: Grade 3 - English Language Arts and Math; Grade 4 - English Language Arts, Math and Science; Grade 5 - English Language Arts, Math and Social Studies; Grade 6 - English Language Arts and Math; Grade 7 - English Language Arts and Math; Grade 8 - English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All high school students must take the required NYS Regents Examinations during their four-year high school career. For further information about testing programs, please contact the principal of your child’s school.

    As New York State phases in new graduation requirements, educational demands differ from grade level to grade level.

    Course Offering Handbooks are given to high school students annually and can be obtained through the guidance departments. Guidance counselors are available to meet with students and parents to discuss these requirements and assist with course scheduling. Parents and students are asked to consult the high school guidance department for a current list of graduation requirements. Certain safety net provisions for some students are available. Please contact your child’s counselor for specifics.

    The Middle Country School District’s secondary and adult students are fortunate to have occupational educational programs available to them at both Centereach and Newfield High Schools. 

    District offerings include: Business/Marketing, Cosmetology, Technology, Genereal Work Experience, and Family & Consumer Sciences. For information on the programs, please call Arlene Mordente, Coordinator Career and Technical Education at 285-8109.