Advisors:  Ms. Patty Duryea  & Ms. Victoria Cuomo

    Mission Statement:  The mission of the History Club is to increase student awareness and knowledge of the diverse heritages and background within our community.  Members of the History Club also seek to promote the exchange of ideas through exploration and discussion of the cherished traditions, as well as, the dynamic changes experienced within our culture and society.  These events include the Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Black History Month Celebration, Women's History Month Celebration, and the Asian Pacific Heritage Celebration.  

    Meets in Room 250 on Mondays & Wednesdays after school

    Officers: Melinie Polanco, President

    Christina Zheng, VP

    Sarah Kwok, Secretary

    Amber McLeod, Treasurer

    *Additional Officers:

    Amber McLeod, President

    Damis Pichardo, VP

    Bryana Joseph, Secretary

    Gabriella Forero, Treasurer