• Welcome To First Grade!

    Dear Students and Parents of A-1,

    Welcome to 1st grade!

    Hi, I am Mrs. DiGirolamo and I will be your first grade teacher this year. We are “first class” in first grade and I am so excited to meet you. It is hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over, and another exciting school year is about to begin.

    Here are some ‘fun facts’ about me. I love the beach, the color blue, and ice hockey. I am married and I have one son. His name is Michael and he is starting 7th grade. He is a goalie for a traveling hockey team. You will hear many stories about him because he keeps me super busy.

    You will find our supply list on our web site. Please make sure everything is labeled with your first and last name and our room number (lunch box and book bag too.) You will bring all your supplies on the first day of school. The Crayon name tag is for you to wear for the first two weeks of school. A big person has to write your name and fill out how you are getting to school and going home every day. Please write a morning and afternoon bus #, “W” for walker or “C” for carpool with the carpool number as well.

    We will be having snack every morning. Please keep snack separated from lunch and have your child’s name on it. Children often confuse snack and lunch. You may bring a water bottle or juice box and one healthy, easy to open snack with you every day. We need your help in maintaining a dairy, nut and egg aware environment in the classroom and ask that any classroom snacks or treats that you send, be dairy, nut and egg aware. Children are not allowed to share their snack. You may also keep a water bottle in the classroom, as long as it has a sport top. Please label your water bottle with your name.

    Get ready for an amazing, interesting, and memorable school year! I am so excited to get to know you!!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer! I can’t wait to meet you on Thursday, September 10th.


    Mrs. DiGirolamo E-mail: jdigirolamo@mccsd.net