• CLUB NAME:  Newspaper - "The Newfield Wolverine"

    Advisor:  Ms. E. Donahue 
    President: Dora John
    Vice President: Muhammad Chaudhary
    Secretary: Emma Raver and Erin Looney
    Treasurer: Leahy Landron
    Historian: Zakariya Hanif and Sadaf Mansib
    Purpose of Club:  To present articles written and edited by students.
    Dues Collected:  N/A
    Meeting Times:  Virtually - 1-2 times per month
    What We Do:
    • Publish Newfield newspaper "The Newfield Wolverine"
    • Educate students on how to construct, analyze, evaluate various forms of print media

    Member of the Quill and Scroll National Honor Society

    Dues:  $25.00 for Quill and Scroll Honor Society (Optional)