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    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    If your child is going to be absent, please call attendance office at 285-8910.

    A sick child cannot perform well in school and will likely spread the illness to other children/staff.  Please make a plan for childcare ahead of time for your child if he/she is ill.

    The health office assists students who are not feeling well or need special treatment as per a doctor's order. Our nurses are always helpful and attentive as they take temperatures, give ice packs, apply bandages, administer medicine and tend to all health related needs. Nurses are not permitted to make a diagnosis which must be made by your child’s physician. 


    -All incoming students require updated immunization records. See links below for guidance/clarification on what's required throughout school years.   

    -All 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade students must submit a physical examination form. See "Related Files" below.         

    -All new entrants are required to submit a physical examination form with in thirty days of enrollment. See "Related Files" below.        

    We kindly request the return of medical/dental forms to the health office in September on the first day of school.



    If your child requires medication during school hours, the health office requires three necessary pieces of information:   

    1.  A note from the parent/guardian which gives the nurse permission to give your child medicine.

    2.  A doctor's note with instructions for giving the medicine (child’s name, name of medication, times the medication is to be given, dosage, and the duration of time your child is to receive medication).

    3.  The medicine should be in the original sealed prescription bottle/container and handed directly to the nurse by the parent. This includes even over the counter medication.

    See "Related Files" below for Administration of Medication in School form.


    If your child sustains an injury in or out of school, please notify the Health Office so we can provide any assistance your child may need.  All medical notes must be submitted to the health office. We will then distribute to appropriate staff members. Your child will not be permitted to resume gym/sports until a medical clearance note is given to nurse from the originating doctor.  
    New York Department Of Health Immunizations Information:                     Image result for nurses office    

    Immunization Action Program:

    Thank you for your kind assistance.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Health Office at 631-285-8920.


    Nurse's Sick Child Guidelines-21-22

    Nurse's Health Screening Letter-21-22

    Nurse's Health Requirements Letter-21-22

    Health Exam Certificate-21-22

    Dental Exam Certificate-21-22

    Immunization Requirements-21-22

    Immunization Requirements-Spanish-21-22

    Nurse's BMI Letter-21-22

    Permission for Medications-20-21

    Medication Form-21-22

    Student Insurance Parent Information Brochure

    Allergy Awareness Letter



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