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  • Recess: Indoor or Outdoor?

    How do we decide if we stay in or go outside for recess?  Actually, it's
    a simple formula that has worked well in other schools.  If it is wet (rainy or misty) we stay in.  If it is dry, we look at the temperature and the wind chill factor.  If a combination of the two results in a wind-chill reading of 32 degrees or below, we stay in.  For example, a thermometer reading of 40 degrees and a wind speed of 10 mph (gentle breeze-light flag extended) results in a wind-chill reading of 28 degrees; we stay in.  That same 40 degrees with little or no wind can result in our going out.  I hope this information assists you in understanding our decisions regarding inside or outside recess and dressing your child accordingly.