Principal's Message

  • Dear Members of the Oxhead Road Community: 

    Oxhead Road Elementary School welcomes your child to the 2019-2020 school year!

    Administrators and teachers everywhere recognize the important contributions parents make toward a child’s success in school. There is no question about it – success at school begins at home. Parents are the single most important variable in predicting a child’s success in school, and as a parent, you are your child’s most valuable role model.

    Oxhead Road is working hard to maintain a close partnership between school and parents in order to work together for the best interest of children. We are proud of our partnership with you.

    As we begin the new school year, our teachers will be establishing expectations and routines with their students. At home it is also important to provide routines. Many families build a daily quiet time when the television is turned off. This quiet time provides your child the opportunity to complete homework and to focus on recreational reading. The practice of a daily quiet time provides an opportunity to develop skills and talents, stimulate imagination and to build reading skills.

    I am looking forward to our school and your home working together to encourage new skills, knowledge, reinforce values and develop a sense of confidence and pride in each of our students. Commitment to do the best for our children on the part of parents, students and staff is the key to success with the youngsters whom we teach and hold dear! I wish you all a wonderful year!