Pupil Personnel

  • The Department of Pupil Personnel provides support services to the students in Middle Country Central School District in the areas of special education, psychological services, social work services and counseling.


    Guidance and Counseling
    Guidance and counseling services are provided to all middle and high school students. School counselors provide support services addressing the academic as well as the social and emotional needs of students who are faced with important personal and career choices. They guide students in making appropriate decisions, solving problems and accepting responsibility for educational pursuits. They serve as resources for parents with information about scholarships, financial aid, test scores, graduation requirements and career planning/exploration

    Each student, grades six through 12, is assigned a school counselor. The rapport established between student and school counselor many times sets the stage for a student’s successful transition to postsecondary education and employment.


    Child Find
    All children are entitled to a free and appropriate education, with special services for those with special needs. Parents who believe their child has a disabling condition and should receive special help are asked to contact Pupil Personnel Services at 285-8850.


    Special Education Services
    For a student suspected of having a disability, a meeting with the building principal to discuss concerns regarding educational progress begins the process. At the first level, the building principal will review the case with appropriate personnel. Should a referral to the Committee on Special Education (CSE) be necessary, it can be made by a parent, teacher or a professional in the student’s school. A referral is a written statement asking that the district evaluate a student to determine if he or she needs special education services. Before the evaluation can proceed, the parent must sign consent to evaluate the student. For an initial referral for a pre-school student, the student must be evaluated and a recommendation made to the Board of Education within 30 school days from the date of consent. For a school-age student, an evaluation will be conducted within 60 days of receipt of parental consent for evaluation. If the Committee on Special Education (CSE) determines that a student is eligible for special education services, the CSE will identify the disability category that most appropriately describes the student, recommend a program or services, and develop an individual education program (IEP). The CSE makes its decisions based on the Regulations as defined by the State Commissioner on Education, Part 200. For more information, please contact Pupil Personnel Services/Special Education Office at 285-8850.

    The District provides special education services and programs to students with disabilities pursuant to applicable federal and state laws. Any parent or person in parental relation who suspects that his/her child has a disability may refer the child for an evaluation by the District’s Committee on Special Education (CSE) eligibility for special education services and programs. More detailed information on this process is available in A Parent’s Guide to Special Education, which is published on the New York State Education Department’s website in English and Spanish. Parents or persons in parental relation should contact their child’s school psychologist. 


    Students Attending Non-public Schools
    Pursuant to Education Law section 3602-c, the District of location will arrange to provide special education and related services to students who are residents of this School District, and who attend non-public schools and are eligible for special education services.


    Psychological Services
    The District’s staff of psychologists are members of the Committee on Special Education (CSE). They assist the CSE in determining whether the student is a student with a disability by using a variety of assessment tools to gather relevant information about the student. The District’s staff of psychologists test youngsters to determine intellectual, emotional and mental status and provide counseling services. As members of the buildings’ Student Support Teams (SST), psychologists work with other professionals to review student performance and make educational recommendations. They are also members of the District Crisis Intervention Team, working with social workers, staff, students and families to assist in resolving emergency issues affecting the child. In addition, they assist teachers with classroom behavior management, control and discipline. Finally, they are part of the School District's Support Program, serving students at risk for school failure.


    Social Work Services
    School social workers are members of the District Crisis Intervention Team. They provide intervention services in areas such as child abuse and maltreatment, educational neglect and truancy, in-school counseling and agency referrals. They are part of the School District’s Therapeutic Support Team and work in partnership with school staff after receiving referrals from school counselors, teachers and administrators. The District’s team of social workers complies with regulations set forth by the New York State Council on Children and Families to protect children from abuse and neglect.


    Health Services
    Each school is staffed with a nurse, who provides a variety of health screening services and administers first aid. School nurses maintain health histories for all children. It is important that parents keep the health office informed of any changes in their child’s health. Nurses also conduct vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings throughout the year and are on constant alert for signs of health problems that might inhibit learning. 


    Proof of Immunizations
    Immunization laws were established in New York State to protect children from dangerous communicable diseases. Parents are required to provide the school with written proof of a child’s immunization against chicken pox, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), Tdap booster, Hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib), and Pneumococcal (PCV).


    Parents must provide a doctor’s note for the school nurse in order for a child to receive any type of medication during school hours. This medication must also be provided in an original container with the instructions affixed.


    Physical Examinations
    New York State law requires that all students who enroll in public school at any grade level, as well as those students entering pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh, and tenth grades must supply documented proof of a current physical and dental examination to the building nurse within 30 days of entering school. Students who do not provide documented proof will be scheduled for an examination by the District physician after October 1. Students participating on an athletic team in grades 7-12 must receive a sports physical before they try out or practice with any team.


    Occupational and Physical Therapy

    Occupational and Physical Therapy are related services provided in accordance with section 6731(a) of the Education Law. Students who may require these services are evaluated and service is determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) or 504 Committee. A prescription is necessary before the evaluation is recommended from the CSE. Students who qualify for this service must have an additional prescription from their personal physician, pediatrician, or other health care provider in order to begin services.


    Foster Student Registration/Transportation

    Foster parent and/or Department of Social Services (DSS) case worker will contact Central Registration to register the student in the school district.  Foster parent and/or DSS case worker will contact the PPS Department at (631) 285-8850 to request transportation for students in their care.  The PPS Office will coordinate with DSS and the transportation department to set up transportation for the student.


    Return from Residential Placement

    Students returning to the district from residential placements should be brought to the attention of the PPS office at (631) 285-8850.  PPS staff will engage directly with the social worker/case manager of the sending program to oversee this process.  When appropriate, a CSE or 504 plan meeting will also be scheduled as part of this process.


    For information about any of the above programs, please contact Pupil Personnel Services at 285-8850.