Computer Center Technology HelpDesk

Student/Parent Help

  • If you are a student (or parent) having a technical issue during distance learning, here are your options for help:

    • If you need help with your Google ID username/password or you need your password reset:

    • If you have a student 1:1 Chromebook and you are having an issue with the hardware:

    • If you are a family in need of either a loaner device or help with internet access, please email the principal of the school building that your child attends.  We are trying to help families achieve a 1:2 ratio of devices - one device for every two children.

    • If your technology issue is something not covered by the choices above and it is a technology issue:
      Send an email to
      • Students - please send this email from your address
      • Please make the subject of the email a brief description of what problem you are having
      • In the body of the email, please include any relevant information, including a contact phone number should we need to call you.

Staff Help