• Ms. Wolfe with students  

    Ms. Deborah B. Wolfe

    Unity Drive Pre-K/Kindergarten Center ~ Principal


    Welcome children and families to Unity Drive School!

    Young children are born learners.  Although individual differences and variations in developmental progress exist, most youngsters set out to explore their world with eagerness and curiosity!  It is my honor and pleasure to share these wonderful first school experiences with you and your children.

    At Unity, we have a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who will guide, challenge, and inspire your children.  Our staff uses their knowledge, judgment, and expertise to plan learning experiences for children with specific outcomes or goals in mind to encourage children’s development and learning.  Throughout the year, your children will delight in their new found understandings and skills in the areas of language, literacy, math, science, and technology.  They will become more independent, confident, creative, and thoughtful.  Take time each and every day to talk with and listen to your child share his or her new accomplishments.  Make their joy in learning, your joy!

    We have a strong partnership with our PTA.  These hard-working volunteers make many of our activities possible!  Their efforts support field trips, our cultural arts events, our book fairs and holiday boutiques as well as our Parents as Reading Partners Program.  Join these enthusiastic volunteers and be a part of our many family involvement activities.  No matter how much, or how little, time a parent or guardian has to share, any involvement is always welcomed.

    Finally, there are many members of the Unity Drive School Team who work diligently to keep children well-fed, healthy, secure, and safe.  Our school nurse, psychologist, social worker, ESL teacher, and speech and learning specialists are available to assist students and their families.  In addition, the secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, and District bus drivers provide the necessary services that keep our school connected, purposeful, and moving ahead.

    Again, welcome to your school!  Together, the staff, children, and families are the learning community that is Unity Drive Pre-K/Kindergarten Center!