Welcome to Universal Prekindergarten

  •  Welcome to the wonderful world of Middle Country's Universal Prekindergarten Program! Universal Prekindergarten or UPK is a New York State early childhood initiative. It provides four year old children access, at no charge, to high quality and comprehensive early childhood education experiences.

    What do four year old's learn in UPK? The answer is anything and everything! Four year olds are explorers and adventurers, and they soak up the world of knowledge with incredible speed. They are capable of almost nonstop mental and physical gymnastics!

    Also, play is part of the growth and development of young children. In particular, four year old children learn best through exploration, discovery, investigation, role play and imaginative play. The UPK Program in Middle Country is committed to providing four year old learners with the experiences that enhance their language and early literacy development through hands-on play and discovery. Children are provided with a safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate program that guides every child to be successful adventurers in learning.

    You do not need to purchase any supplies for UPK!  We have everything your child will need, except something to carry breakfast/lunch and a change of clothing!  Your child’s teacher will let you know if a backpack is needed and what type of meal container is appropriate for the classroom setting at Meet the Teacher/Visit the Classroom Day.

    We look forward to Working with your child, and delight in watching him or her grow! Thank you for being a part of your child's school career in Middle Country's Universal Prekindergarten Program.