Cougar Cafe @ CHS Library


    Advisor: Ms. LaBriola


    Mission Statement

    The Cougar Café is designed to provide Life Skills students with an opportunity to implement their work study skills. Students will be able to plan and purchase items for the café on community outings to local stores.  Students will create lists and look for coupons to be cost efficient.  During community outings students will use money from the cafe to get an authentic shopping experience.  Students keep track of the inventory in order to create an itemized list of what needs to be purchased.  Students collect and make change with real money for our customers.  Students bake products for the café and use communication skills to complete orders in person and over the phone.  The café will also assist in getting participating students to be a more integral part of the Centereach High School community as well as the local community.



    Frankie Verderame, President

    Armandeep Singh, VP

    Yadelin Rodriguez, Secretary

    Ethan Kotoff, Treasurer