enVision Video Playback Error/Problem Workaround

  • The information below is a summary of what was provided by enVision support on 1/16/2019:

    Problem Status: On-going

    Description: There has been increasing reports of sporadic behavior in the 2011 and 2012 versions of enVision Math. These reports range from 404 errors to blank pages or long load times. The developers are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. 

    Work Around: Please try these steps to make sure the browser and settings are configured properly.

    These steps apply to Google Chrome, which is the web browser you should be using to access the web!

    1. Log in to Pearson Courses through PowerTeacher

    2. Select the SuccessNet Platform

    3. Click the lock icon at the top of the browser, just to the left of the address bar

    4. Verify that both 'Flash' and 'Popups and Redirects' are set to 'Allow'. You may have to open 'Site Settings' to find the contols 

    5. Reload the page by pressing the 'F5' key or log out and log back in

    6. Select requested topic

    7. Select requested lesson

    8. Click View 

    A new popup window should appear and the content should now load.

    If the content still does not load:

    • Click the lock icon again to see that flash and popups are still allowed.

    • Try to refresh the page (F5) a time or two and see if that allows the content to load normally.

    • Additionally, you may try clicking on another tab in the content (ex. Quiz), waiting for that content to load and then clicking on Learn again.

    This may help get the content to display, but is not guarenteed to work. 

    If you need assistance with the steps above, please submit a helpdesk ticket at http://www.mccsd.net/helpdesk.