• Kindergarten Registration Information
    for the 2022 - 2023 School Year

  • Kindergarten Registration will be held from April 25, 2022 to May 25, 2022.

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR KINDERGARTEN if your child attends the Middle Country Universal Pre-Kindergarten program this year. 

    YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER FOR KINDERGARTEN if your child receives Special Education services at home or in a Private Child Care/Preschool facility.

    Registration is by appointment only. 

    Please call the Central Registration Office at (631)285-8890 to make an appointment.

    You must bring the following when you come to register:
    • Completed Registration Packet
    • Original Birth or Baptismal Certificate (with a raised seal)
    • Photocopy of Birth or Baptismal Certificate
    • 2 Copies of Immunization Record Signed by Physician
    • 2 proofs of residency
    • Custody papers (if applicable)

    If you have any questions regarding requirements for registration,
    please call the Central Registration Office at (631)285-8890.

Parents with children 0 - 4 years old

  • If you currently have children under four years of age, please contact Central Registration at 285-8890 with your family's information regarding infants/toddlers for future mailings of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten registration information.

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