New Lane Elementary School

Middle Country Central School District

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Important School Resource Information 2021-2022

  • 2022-2023 School Budget Vote and Election Information


    Proposition #1 - Budget - Passed!
    Yes 2036 - No 946

    Board of Education Seats

    Robert Hallock 1500
    Kristopher Oliva 1452

    Denise Haggerty 1518
    Leah Fitzpatrick 1440

    Robert Feeney 1513
    Tiffany Lorusso 1434

    Dawn Sharrock 1481
    Kimberly Crawford-Arbocus 1471

    Write-Ins 16

    Important School Resource Information

    Includes information on Attendance and Conduct, Childcare, Food and Nutrition, Health and Safety, and Transportation for the 2021-2022 school year.

    K-5 Art Experience for Students on Quarantine

    Update Student Contact Information

    Our school's ability to communicate with you and your family in a timely and efficient manner is very important.  You may already be receiving phone calls from the Middle Country Central School District and your children’s school buildings, but we also have the ability to send text messages and emails.  You must fill this form out for each child in the district, logged in with that child's district Google account.

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