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Congrats on the Middle Country PTA Council Jenkins Award! 2021 Honorees: Dr. Vincent Raicovi, Dr. Craig Unkenholz and Mr. Joseph Mercado!

Congrats on the Middle Country PTA Council Jenkins Award!

2021 Honorees:  Dr. Vincent Raicovi, Dr. Craig Unkenholz and Mr. Joseph Mercado!


Congrats speeches as presented by MC PTA Council President Don Miller on the Thursday, June 3, 2021 PTA Council Meeting:


Middle Country PTA Council is pleased to recognize the following individuals for their excellent performance and contributions which were made during this past year.

The Pandemic blind-sighted us all.  In a blink of an eye, we went from a social community to disconnected and isolation.  The only way to recover from this terrible disconnection and social distancing was to follow the ever-changing guidelines and regulations set forth by the CDC and the Dept of Health.  When restrictions started to loosen and it was decided that our MC students could start coming back to school, the first order of business was to develop a re-entry plan that made sure both our students and staff would be safe.  These 2 individuals were appointed to be our MC Covid “gurus” and they quickly submerged themselves into their important roles.

From attestation tickets, to PPE supplies, to staff training, to educational videos, to constant procedural changes, to handling positive case reports, to arranging food deliveries, to organizing a vaccination site for our District Employees….from the very start, they had a hand in whatever needed to be addressed and so much more. 

Their innovative way of thinking while still adhering to the guidelines and regulations of our County and State, were integral in order to gradually place us in the position in which we find ourselves today. Other Districts had to close down because of their positive case rates…MC was never in that position thanks to the constant vigilance and guidance of these 2 individuals who always made sure to maintain a close watch on what had changed “today” or more specifically what had changed in the “last hour”.

Dr. Unkenholz and Mr. Mercado.  PTA Council, as well as the entire MC community, would like to wholeheartedly thank you both and recognize your most diligent and dedicated efforts to our MC students and staff by presenting you both with the PTA Council Jenkins Award.


It is with great pleasure that we recognize this next recipient.

This individual has always been a critical life-line for MC staff and students.  His knowledge of everything “geeky” is mind-blowing but it is a definite comfort to know, he is there “running” things behind-the-scenes.

When the Pandemic hit, MC had to think outside of the box.  Re-inventing ways of doing things was on the minds of everyone who was concerned about the education of our students.  This individual went to work on his “connections” to secure thousands of Chromebooks when every other District was trying to secure the same.

In the meantime, he put a team of workers together to make copies and mail out hundreds of copied schoolwork materials to students that had no way of “connecting” with their classes.  Countless hours and many migraines later, the Chromebooks arrived and it was time to distribute.

 Training, creating student email accounts, tracking traveling Chromebooks, Google accounts, Zoom meetings…all became routine.  Recently, he extended his “techie” knowledge to help PTA Council host a virtual event to introduce Board candidates to the MC community.

His “IT” knowledge is amazing.  If his assistance is needed in any capacity, he will do his absolute best to lend a hand.

We have learned so much since March of 2020.  Thanks to his insight and ability to put into practice many innovative changes, MC has made monumental strides from where we were pre-Pandemic.

Dr. Raicovi.  MC Council acknowledges your significant historic contributions and your enormous dedication to our MC students, staff and community and would like to present you with the MC Council Jenkins award.


Congratulations to Dr. Vincent Raicovi, Dr. Craig Unkenholz and Mr. Joseph Mercado on receiving the PTA Council Jenkins Award and thank you for leading MCCSD through these unprecedented times!