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Important information about Selden Middle School's schedule.

Connect Ed Call that was sent out from Mr. Bennett

Important information about our school schedule. Beginning this week, student groups will return to school on Wednesdays for in-person learning on an alternating basis. This week, Group 1 students, denoted by a lightning bolt in PowerSchool, will come to the building on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while Group 2 students, denoted with a crescent moon in Powerschool, will come to the building on Thursday and Friday.

Next week, Group 1 students will come to the building on Monday and Tuesday while Group 2 students will come to the building on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. This pattern will then repeat for every week that school is in session on a Wednesday. In order to provide families with accurate information about which days they should send their children to school, this information has been posted to the online calendar on our school website along with the A Day/B Day schedule and our club meeting dates.

Also beginning this week, students in our 15:1 classes will come to the building everyday that school is in session. In addition, our fully virtual students in all of our learning environments will have class every day including Wednesdays.



Andrew Bennett

Principal, Selden MIddle School