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Community Update Call 4/6

Good afternoon from Middle Country Schools.  I am calling with two updates:  Earlier today, Governor Cuomo announced that schools will be closed until April 29th.  In addition, the Commissioner of Education announced that June Regents are cancelled.  We should know by Wednesday what cancellation of the Regents means for our students. 

I also want to remind everyone that our Grab and Go breakfast and lunch program is for everyone of our students.  Grab and Go will be closed on Friday so on Thursday, four days of breakfast and lunch meals will be provided.  Please take advantage of the program.  Also – the SCOPE childcare program is available and will be open on Friday.  Information on both of these programs is available on

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and remain mindful of how especially important it is to continue to practice social distancing to limit… and hopefully end the spread of the coronavirus in our community and region.

As always, go to for details on these topics and more, thank you, and be well.