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Community Update Call 3/26

Good afternoon Middle Country Community, it is Thursday, March 26th and I’m calling with some information and a few reminders: 

We have been informed that the Department of Health will no longer notify us of confirmed COVID-19 cases.  Middle Country does have positive COVID-19 cases, just like every community.  The DOH believes that, because schools have been closed for almost two weeks, we are not a risk area.  However, no matter what – please pay attention to your health, practice social distancing and wash your hands often!

We are awaiting Governor Cuomo’s decision on whether schools will be open on April 1 or if the closure will be extended for another two weeks. As soon as we hear, you’ll be notified.  We are being proactive in planning for instruction of new content, just in case closures continue for more than a couple of weeks. Within a few days, you’ll be provided with information on how Google Suite and/or eBoards will be used to facilitate distance learning. 

A couple of reminders:

  • Grab and Go breakfast and lunch program continues to support our students and community. Breakfast and lunch may be picked up Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am and 12noon, at each high school. The grab & go has been expanded to include multi-day meal packs, particularly on Fridays to cover the weekend, and also to reduce the need for daily pick-ups.  

  • Child Care registration information for first responders is also posted to the District website.      

As always, for details on these topics and more, such as How to Connect with Suffolk County for Suffolk County COVID Text Alerts and for Mental health resources to help communities and families deal with the stress and anxiety as we defend against COVID-19,  please go to stay informed.

Thank you.