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A Virtual Happy Holidays from Newfield Music!

Happy Holidays from Newfield Music!

Newfield Music is proud to present a short virtual holiday concert! This is a project that our entire department has been collaborating on for the past couple of months and includes every performing member of our ensembles - over 300 students at once!

Using the sound mixer application "Sound Trap," we have been recording all of our live ensembles and have had virtual students from home send us audio recordings of themselves singing and playing the music in this recording. The sound of each and every student enrolled in the NHS music program is somewhere in this recording.  We then asked the students at home to send us pictures of themselves so we could have a video presentation that everyone could be a part of.   

Thank you to music teacher Ms. Allison Bush for being the head sound mixer/editor, Mr. Tom Austin for creating the video slideshow of all of the collages and student teacher Ms. Heather Feigenbaum for compiling and helping edit and record all of the vocal tracks as well as Dr. Harold Goldstein, Mr. Dan Martinez, Ms. Joan Meichner and all of the Newfield Music students for working so hard to put this awesome video together to still be able to spread holiday cheer in a virtual format this holiday season!

Watch this amazing video here: