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Instrumental Music - 4th & 5th Grade Information

Dear Parents of a 4th or 5th Grade Musician,

While the opening of school is still a few weeks away, it is not too early to make arrangements for the rental of a musical instrument.  4th Grade instruments placements were recommended during auditions in June.  5th graders should be continuing on their selected instrument from 4th grade.  During this time of year the music stores will have their inventories in amply supply and peak condition.  Please click the link below to read more specific information regarding lesson books and needed supplies per ensemble and grade level.  If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Diana Cook, Director of Music & Fine Arts at or your child’s music teacher.  We look forward to continuing our musical journey together.

Information for:

4th Grade Band

4th Grade Orchestra

5th Grade Band

5th Grade Orchestra

Some Local Music Stores