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Health and Wellness Protocols 2022-23 School Year

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August 31, 2022

Dear Middle Country Community, 


Please read this letter and keep it handy as it may prove to be a helpful tool in determining when a student or staff member needs to stay home or to go home due to illness or COVID-19 symptoms. It also specifies the conditions which must be met before returning.


When must a student or staff member go home?

If you have one of the following you must go home:

     Fever over 100.0

     New Cough

     Shortness of Breath

     Difficulty Breathing

     Loss of Taste or Smell

If you have two or more of the following, you must go home:


     Body Aches/ Chills

     Sore Throat





Close contacts will no longer be notified by the school. Additionally, close contacts are no longer required to quarantine. Please be advised that take home COVID-19 tests will still be available through your school nurse’s office.


When may a staff or student that was sent home for one of the above situations, return to school/work?

  1. If you had a Positive COVID-19 test, you may return after 5 days from the date of test or onset of symptoms. If you were asymptomatic and then developed symptoms, you may return 5 days after symptoms began (Day of symptom onset resets to day 0).  For BOTH situations you must be fever free without taking medication for at least 24 hours AND symptoms must be improving or gone before returning to school. It is recommended that you wear a well-fitting mask for days 6-10.

  2. If you did not take a COVID-19 test or you had a negative COVID-19 Test, you may return if you have been fever free without taking medication for at least 24 hours AND symptoms are improving. * If you provide a doctor’s note with an alternate diagnosis, you may return as per recommendation.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping Middle Country Schools safe and healthy.


Craig L. Unkenholz, Ed.D.

Joseph Mercado

MCCSD COVID 19 Safety Coordinators