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Dear Parent/Guardians: 

On December 22, 2018, certain federal agencies, partially shut down operations due to a lapse in federal appropriations. Some employees have been furloughed since that time and in many instances, the service person continues to report for duty without pay. 

Understandably, this shutdown has created an emotional and financial stress on families serving our nation. Many may have difficulty in timely meeting financial obligations. As a school district, our priority is to ensure students have all the tools they need to be healthy and successful in school and a healthy breakfast and lunch should not be a negotiable item. 

The Middle Country Central School District would like to remind our community that we can be of assistance during this time of need. Furloughed federal employees, or those working without a paycheck, are eligible to apply for our free or reduced meal program which will provide breakfast and lunch to any impacted students. 

In order to take part in the program, families must fill out an application and those approved will maintain this status for the remainder of the school year and a 30-day carry over into the next school year. At that time, families can re-apply should they still qualify for the program. 

Our free and reduced meal program is a discreet program that simply changes a family’s status in the cafeteria database. From the student’s perspective, nothing changes about getting breakfast or lunch in our cafeteria. It ensures that a meal will be provided without financial hardship.

For more information on the free and reduced meal program, contact Ms. Lisa DiCono @ 631-285-8193 or  She will be more than happy to assist with the process.

Thank you for your continued support.