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Letter from Deputy Superintendent for Instruction re: Distance Learning Program Start Date

Dear Middle Country Parents,

It is our sincere hope that this communication finds each and every member of your family healthy and safe!

As you are most likely aware, the governor extended school closures until April 15th. 

With the uncertainty that we face for the future, here at Middle Country we have been working diligently to be able to roll out our Distance Learning Program to students in grades K through 12 so that their continuity of instruction will be maintained during these troubled times.  This roll out is scheduled to take place on April 15, 2020, if school closings are extended by the governor.

As previously communicated, during the past weeks, we have made online resources available to all students and their families who wished to continue the learning and reviewing process during the school closures.  An additional two weeks of these resources are still available to all students and will allow students to continue to review past materials and adjust to adapting to online instruction. 

For the future

  • Distance learning will officially begin on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 in the event that school closures continue.

  • For students in grades K-12, all classroom teachers will utilize Google Classroom and/or eBoards.

The delivery of new instruction will continue in the following ways:

  • Elementary (K-5) - Students can expect 1 lesson per day for reading and 1 lesson per day for math.

  • Elementary (K-5) for special classes (Music, Art, PE) - Students can expect 1 lesson per week in each of these subjects.

  • Secondary (Grades 6-12) - Students can expect 1 lesson per day for each class in which they are enrolled.

  • AIS services (K-12) will continue to be provided to students identified as needing support.   Teachers will create lessons and provide activities to students virtually. Specialists will be in contact with parents, when necessary, in order to further meet students’ needs.

  • The Pupil Personnel Services Department has been working to create a plan for our special education students.  Questions concerning delivery of services for students may be directed to Dr. Jennifer Harrison, at

  • We believe the grading plan for the third quarter that is the fairest one for students in grades 6-12 is a Pass/Fail model in which all students will receive Pass for each class in which they are enrolled.  Therefore, no third quarter reports cards will be issued for students. We are awaiting decisions from the New York State Education Dept. regarding the administration and grading processes for the June Regents examinations.

  • There will not be a set time for students to log on and complete daily schoolwork. This framework will provide an opportunity for families with more than one child and only one computer in the home to create a schedule to allow all children to complete activities each day. Our Distance Learning model does not take place in real time in order to accommodate families that have multiple children who will have to share devices.

  • We will continue to assist Middle Country families who may not have a computer at home. Please contact Dr. Vincent Raicovi at if you are in need of assistance in this area or if you are a household without internet access.

We thank you in advance for your kindness, patience and consideration during this difficult time as we work together as a community to continue to provide our children with the education they deserve. 


Francine McMahon
Deputy Superintendent for Instruction