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SCSSA Social Media and Security Letter

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 March 5, 2018

Dear Suffolk County Residents,

Over the weekend, a non-specific threat against schools began circulating on social media. A number of superintendents notified the Suffolk County Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies of the threat. Today, the viral nature of social media spread this concern to other communities in Suffolk County. The threat was investigated by SCPD and it was deemed non-credible to any county school. Based on the information provided to the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association, it has been confirmed that the threat originated in a high school in Queens and has been resolved by the NYPD.

We take incidents of this nature very seriously. Districts have protocols in place for threats such as these, which includes immediately contacting our local law enforcement. In our schools, we continue to implement our safety procedures with heightened diligence. It is unfortunate that recent events have caused an increase in this type of “copycat” posts, which tend to cause a significant disruption in the learning environment.

We truly understand that the latest incidents across the country have brought increased awareness on the safety and security of our school buildings. Please know that every precaution is taken on a daily basis to protect the safety of our students and staff and to provide a secure learning environment for all.

Thank you for your continued concern, understanding and support. We ask that all parents and community members remain alert and if a concerning post surfaces, to contact school officials or local law enforcement directly.


Lars Clemensen

SCSSA Social Media and Security Letter